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How you will grow at Avalon

Avalon offers its Consultants strong growth opportunities with diverse experience across industries, functional areas and types of clients.


As a Partner, you will drive Avalon’s business development effort by developing existing client relationships and forging new ones. You will inspire your teams to deliver innovative solutions that deliver impact. You will also play a key role in defining the firm’s strategy and direction.

Executive Director

As an Executive Director (ED) at Avalon Consulting, you will begin to manage multiple projects and client relationships. Your interaction with your team and clients will go beyond project work, as they look to you for advice, leadership, and guidance. As an ED, you will have a growing role in building the firm’s strategy and have a bigger role to play in organisation development.

Associate Vice President

As an Assistant Vice President (AVP) at Avalon, you will assume complete accountability for client and project management in overseeing one or multiple mid to large-scale projects. Your responsibilities will encompass providing intellectual guidance and leadership to the team, including mentoring team members. Furthermore, you will actively contribute to the firm’s business development by identiying opportunities, cultivating client relationships and organizational development initiatives.

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant , you’re entrusted with end-to-end responsibility for delivering project modules, and potentially even leading minor projects independently. Your active involvement in project planning and problem-solving will contribute to effective outcomes. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to mentor and manage junior team members, contribute to business development efforts, and cultivate strong client relationships.


As a Consultant, you’ll contribute significantly to problem-solving by conducting research, analyses, and interviews with industry experts. You’ll take ownership of tasks, manage client relationships, and drive successful project execution. Your dedicated efforts will enhance client performance and achieve project objectives.

Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant, you would support in delivering allocated taks with quality outputs to the clients thorugh research and analyses. The main responsibilities would include data gathering, analysis, research, and assisting in the development of client deliverables.