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We at Avalon believe that transformation is a strategic process; led from the top but involving and impacting the entire organisation. Our entire approach revolves around this philosophy and seeks to align the entire organisation towards a common, shared Goal

Our clients include both large and small corporations, having local, regional and multinational operations

Avalon’s approach to transformation

Businesses across industries are striving to achieve smoother operation by capitalizing on their “Process” and “People” factors. However, it has been observed that several operational challenges and the embedded people complexities hinder the growth aspiration of the business.

Is your organization facing similar roadblocks towards its growth aspiration? Stay tuned to know more about how to mitigate the issues and ensure sustained growth.

In the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) World, organizations face challenges every day be it changing environmental norms or regulatory reform, or a market disruption due to advancements in technology.

Organizations can no longer afford to have a static plan of action or structure. They need to evolve every day to stay relevant. This metamorphosis is possible through Organizational Transformation, where every functional unit works together with the strategy management unit to adopt the best course of action today to create a better tomorrow.

Avalon is proud to introduce its “Organizational Transformation” practice which helps organizations adapt to the changing world order enabling them to continue on their growth trajectory and be future-ready. Over the years we have helped companies operating across sectors and geographies achieve sustainable growth through our practice. Watch to know how!

Typical assignments executed by us

  • Turnaround strategy and business plan for a leading Asian fertilizer producer
  • Designing sales organization to enable multifold increase in turnover for a leading Indian fertilizer company
  • Helping a market leader completely revamp their distribution network from a ‘packer-reseller’ led distribution to a national network resulting in regaining lost market share and increasing retail penetration
  • Diagnostic for a mini hyper market chain with an objective to improve overall performance across a range of retail metrics for apparel and household products
  • Driving revenue growth and profit objectives through rationalizing and consolidating product ranges across eighteen categories of Lifestyle & Apparel for a leading ethnic wear and accessories retailer
  • Organisation transformation using the Balanced Scorecard approach for a metalworking company
  • Systems design and implementation for a large multi-specialty hospital
  • Strategy articulation, organisation design and performance management for one of India’s largest full service media and communications group
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