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Dive into the future with Raj Nair, Chairman at Avalon Consulting, as he unveils his predictions for 2024. Raj reflects on pivotal moments, from the Global Credit Crisis to the rise of China. Foreseeing a year marked by economic shifts and technological waves, he emphasizes the imminent dominance of Artificial General Intelligence. “2024: Where The Tides Meet” explores the intersection of economic currents and evolving technologies, urging active engagement in shaping the future. Hear his insights for a glimpse into the dynamic landscape ahead.

2024 Where the Tides Meet

Entering 2024, what are some of the issues that will float from 2023 and what will be the biggest disruptor hereon.

What are the various levels of AI development? How does Artificial General Intelligence differ from Artificial Narrow Intelligence?

Journey of AI for the non-technical audience

Pros and Cons of AI Technology redefining the future.

How can organizations ready themselves to ride on this technology wave?

How can organizations leverage the Personal AI Assistants Technology? What can be some of the issues to keep in mind while such technical capabilities are built withing organizations?

AI in Customer Service

What do you think the global economy looks like in 2024 and some specific insights on India?

Will the funding winter for startups lift in 2024?

Is the onset of GenAI going to be like a return to colonization of the world by a few companies?