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Be part of an engaging webinar series for a Leadership Talk at CXO Incubator featuring Raj Nair, Chairman at Avalon Consulting. Explore key topics from scaling through decision-making to managing change and gain invaluable leadership perspectives.

Part 1: One quality that helps you scale up through decision-making.

Part 2: How professionals in organization use passion for growth.

Part 3: What are the core values that guide leadership styles?

Part 4: Secret for energy and enthusiasm.

Part 5: What was the one challenge for you to cross over that you remember?

Part 6: One advice for future leaders to cultivate the growth mindset.

Part 7: How to go about research and filter authentic content.

Part 8: How important is balance for a CXO?

Part 9: How do you manage so many new ideas and your existing startups?

Part 10: How to control anxiety/ excitement.

Part 11: How Avalon is leveraging new age technologies.

Part 12: What were the challenges during the initial days in your business?

Part 13: How to manage changes in technology within the organization and for self.