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TOI Blog – Fortifying our Agriculture against Climate Change

By July 17, 2023July 19th, 2023No Comments

Vigneshkumar Dhandapani, Senior Consultant and Abhishek Dewangan, Consultant from Avalon Consulting shed light on the challenges faced by Indian agriculture due to climate change and proposed mitigation measures in an article published by Times of India Voices.

Extreme rainfall events, heatwaves, and cyclonic storms have increased in recent years, impacting the cropping lifecycle. The authors highlight the effects on sowing, irrigation, and harvesting stages, emphasizing the need for resilience. The suggested measures include promoting resilient crop varieties, increasing the cultivation of millets, adopting precision agriculture techniques, and evaluating future crop distribution. Implementing these strategies can secure the future of Indian agriculture and boost the rural economy.

Fortifying our Agriculture against Climate Change

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