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Times of India – Hydroponics : Indian Outlook

By Avalon ConsultingJune 8, 2023June 21st, 2023No Comments

Harsha Kamepalli, Consultant at Avalon Consulting, authored an article on Hydroponics : Indian Outlook which was published in Times of India Voices.

He explored the potential of Hydroponics to enhance food security and promote self-reliance in nations through sustainable practices.

India’s growing population and increasing prosperity are expected to put significant pressure on the existing food system. Traditional methods of increasing agricultural output, such as expanding agricultural land, face challenges due to urbanization and infrastructure development. Importing food also has negative consequences such as dependence on foreign countries and economic instability.

Hydroponics : Indian OutlookHydroponics, a precise, data-driven, and sustainable farming solution, offers numerous benefits including higher yield, continuous production, control over produce, toxin-free output, reduced water consumption, and faster distribution. Adoption of hydroponics can help achieve food security and make India self-reliant in a sustainable manner.

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