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Iron & Steel Review: Adoption and Utilization of Ladle Metallurgy and Continuous Casting in Steel Manufacturing

By Avalon ConsultingAugust 21, 2023No Comments

In the latest edition of Iron & Steel Review magazine (August ’23), Harsha Kamepalli, Consultant at Avalon Consulting, delves into the dynamic world of steel manufacturing. In this insightful article, Harsha discusses the rapid adoption and utilization of Ladle Metallurgy and Continuous Casting – innovative techniques revolutionizing the production of steel.

According to Harsha, these innovations optimize quality, cost, and efficiency while catering to sector-specific needs. He notes global demand growth for custom steel across industries and India’s strategic PLI scheme for specialty steel. Amid disruptions from the pandemic and conflicts, the market is poised to rebound, backed by MarketWatch’s projected 13.7% growth in the Ladle Refining Furnace market by 2030.