Mobility Outlook: Ola Leads 2022 E2W Retail Race, Okinawa, Hero Electric Trail

Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director at Avalon Consulting gave his views on India’s leading electric scooter-selling OEMs to Mobility Outlook. He noted that, Ather Energy hasn’t been able to do well in terms of retail in the market because while Ola, Okinawa, and Hero Electric have products under the INR 100,000 price, Ather does not. (more…) read more

Mercury Emissions from Thermal Powerplants in India

Premchand Chandrasekharan, Partner at Avalon Consulting, alongside AVP Karthik Shankar, and Senior Consultants Nirman Dutta and Sumit Kumar shared their views with BSEF on Mercury Emissions from Thermal Powerplants in India. Thermal power plants are the largest contributor of Mercury emissions in India. A recent study has highlighted Mercury above permissible limits in regions around these power plants. (more…) read more

Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director of Avalon Consulting gave his thoughts on the article “Mahindra’s Classic Legends Losing Mojo Month-On-Month” to Mobility Outlook.

Subhabrata Sengupta’s opines that, “Royal Enfield (RE) is one of the reasons behind Classic Legends' dipping performance in the end-consumer market. RE's strong performance in the Indian market and Classic Legends' current performance largely results from what the two brands' existing customers are talking about the bikes. The consumer feedback about Classic Legends Motorcycle is not good. (more…) read more

Makers of Safety – Critical Parts On Capex Drive To Get Set For New Rules

According to Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director of Avalon Consulting, The current market size of airbags in revenue terms is around $350 million and is expected to catapult to $1 billion if the six-airbag regulation takes effect. There will also be an incremental $600 million opportunity for those involved in the supply of sensors, ECUs (electronic control units), etc. (more…) read more

World EV Day – Auto Inc charged up

According to Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director of Avalon Consulting, By 2030, an annual EV volume of 13-17 million, across segments, is completely achievable. Major investments in charging infrastructure, particularly fast chargers, would be required. Government should avoid abrupt and opaque regulatory changes (subsidy withdrawal, PLI change etc.) (more…) read more

Honda Inching Towards Largest Two-Wheeler OEM Tag In India?

According to Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director of Avalon Consulting, HMSI has gained percentage points in terms of market share, however this is mostly due to the rebounding scooter market. In India, Hero MotoCorp has opted to focus on other segments rather than the above 250cc segment. In scooters and motorcycles, HMSI and Hero MotoCorp have gained market share. Bajaj Auto has lost market share in both the motorcycle and scooter markets. (more…) read more

Subhabrata Sengupta, Executive Director of Avalon Consulting gave his thoughts on “Indian electric car makers charge up to head off overseas rivals” to NikkeiAsia

Subhabrata Sengupta’s view is that “Global players definitely have the advantage of scale, but Indian businesses have done well at innovating despite staying frugal. There will be enough capital flowing into them for product development that will lead to a strong product pipeline in the next four to five years. We will see a strong uptake of EVs, maybe not enough to meet the government's target, but not very far from it either”. (more…) read more

How are inflation-hit FMCG players protecting their bottom lines?

According to Santosh, companies have exhausted their potential for further shrinking pack size of products and we may now see them attempting to raise their prices. We saw this happen in confectionary and shampoos more than a decade ago when 50p products moved to rupee one resulting in a short drop in sales, but the market eventually settled at the higher price range. Changing product formulation is very much a possibility but may not be applicable in many product categories. Many of the shampoo and chocolate brands have done this in the past where the product in larger SKUs... read more
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