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The article provides an overview of India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission, highlighting its emphasis on incentivizing electrolyzer manufacturing and developing strategies to enhance global competitiveness. It particularly focuses on leveraging technology, fostering partnerships, and ensuring the security and resilience of the supply chain,

Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar
Consultant - Avalon Consulting | + posts

Sumit Kumar is a strategy consultant with a deep understanding of the chemicals sector and has worked with clients on multiple engagements developing market entry strategies and business development plans. Prior to consulting, Sumit has worked in a petroleum refinery and has been involved in commissioning of global-scale petrochemicals projects.


Abhimanyu Roy
Abhimanyu Roy
Consultant | + posts

Abhimanyu has managed and led consulting engagements related to corporate / business unit strategy, growth, diversification, strategic due diligence as well as operational improvement especially in sales and marketing. He has also been involved in strategy implementation exercises using the Balanced Scorecard approach. His sectoral focus is in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and chemicals, besides consumer goods and construction.


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