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In an article published in Chemical Industry Digest magazine, Sumit Kumar, Senior Consultant at Avalon Consulting, expressed his thoughts on how India could benefit from Coal Gasification.

Currently, India relies on imports for 85% of its crude oil and 45% of its natural gas, exposing it to supply insecurity and price volatility. But India has abundant coal reserves which could help it achieve self-sufficiency, according to Sumit. Although coal gasification is considered a clean fuel technology, it poses challenges, he added. India’s coal contains 35-45% ash content, above the maximum 30% preferred by most existing coal gasification plants.

Coal Gasification for a Self-Reliant India

Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar
Consultant - Avalon Consulting | + posts

Sumit Kumar is a strategy consultant with a deep understanding of the chemicals sector and has worked with clients on multiple engagements developing market entry strategies and business development plans. Prior to consulting, Sumit has worked in a petroleum refinery and has been involved in commissioning of global-scale petrochemicals projects.


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