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As consultants, we all wish we could go rewind the clock to re-live the moments and rectify our mistakes. But, would we lose our unique identity in the process? Afterall, our decisions are what defines us today. Is having an additional medal of honour worth exchanging the entire journey of life? The author/poet debates with himself on these aspects and tries to find answers.

I dream of a world where I could exchange my money for time;
To re-live and rewind.

But should i correct? for I have no regrets;
There were things i could do better, threads i could sew back together.

Do i wish to live life in one layer?
Betray the memories of peeling every layer;
Discovering something new each time, shedding a tear along the way,

Would a box of treats still be the same,
If all the chocolates tasted the same?

Will it take away the joy of riding a bike?
The sense of balance for highs and lows alike?

Afterall, life is a song, we are the lyrics;
It might be messy, but who cares about the empirics?

People say life is a puzzle, everything fits together,
Would you remember the missing piece, which disappeared like a feather?

Life is also like the ocean,
Sometimes one needs to swim against the waves with complete devotion.

But oceans are welcoming of storms,
They may bring thunder & lighting, but also symbolize reforms.

Or is life like a river, full of rapids and bends,
But always reaching the sea, till which it extends.

Should i explore the doors i havent opened;
Take advantage of time, before they cannot be reopened.

I feel i’m trapped in an endless maze,
Searching for the right path, maybe its just a phase.

Sometimes it just takes sunshine,
For the seeds to blossom and point towards the divine.

Is life supposed to be about the bright moments?
Afterall every picture is developed from the negatives.

But didnt shakespeare say the world is a stage?
If you could choose to be someone, why not be someone great?

For I am the writer of my own story,
With each page comes an opportunity,
To turn doom into glory.

Ayush Patodia
Ayush Patodia
Consultant | + posts

Ayush Patodia has close to 7 years of diversified experience and has worked for clients across the globe in various sectors. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, specializing in finance and strategy. He enjoys reading, writing, and traveling in his leisure time. He also takes a keen interest in numismatics.