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Good quality education is indeed the single most important input into enriching a nation’s human capital. Developed countries across the world have consistently and systematically made large scale investments in their education systems with a view to improving the social and economic health of the nation and to ensure a steady stream of high quality workforce.

If Asian countries are to realise the enormous potential of their vast populations, both government and industry will need to recognize the importance of investing in high quality education systems.

Avalon has worked on engagements across the education value chain helping clients – educational institutions, corporations looking to foray into the education sector and Private Equity Houses to understand markets, identify opportunities and execute plans to capitalize on these opportunities.

Our clients range from schools to higher education institutions to vocational training businesses and ancillary services.

What our clients are saying about us

The Avalon team helped my organisation articulate its goals, identify growth opportunities and devise actionable strategies to pursue those opportunities. They were practical in their recommendations and worked hand in hand with my managers to implement the strategy.

Chairman and Managing DirectorJetking Infotrain Limited

Typical assignments executed by us

  • Entry strategy into the vocational training business for an IT training major
  • Growth strategy in the English & non English language testing space for the world’s #1 testing company
  • Entry strategy for facility management training for a leading infrastructure company
  • Strategy, implementation and performance management for an IT training institute and its network of 125 franchisees
  • Strategic intent, direction setting and growth strategy for an NGO in the field of primary education
  • Opportunity assessment, business plan and implementation support for setting up finishing schools across India
  • Opportunity assessment for establishing a financial training institute in India
  • Identifying prospects in the Indian IT education industry for the purpose of investment
  • Franchisee search in South India for a leading IT Training institute identifying locations, defining franchisee terms and shortlisting and selecting franchisees
  • Defining the contours of a K+12 world school in India and the fee structure which would be acceptable to parents based on the perceived value
  • Configuring a law, pharmacy, journalism and landscaping college in Mumbai; this was on the basis of benchmarking with best-in-class institutions in India and abroad
  • Based on evolving business needs identify key skills which would be in short supply in future leading to identifying courses which should be offered by a private university to meet future needs

Featured client results

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