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Avalon has extensive experience in both the consumer goods and retail sectors.


Avalon Consulting serves medium and large companies within the consumer goods sectors, besides advising private equity and venture capital in pre-deal and post-deal strategy. We have delivered significant performance improvement for our clients in the region based on our experience in working to solve business issues at all points in the value chain. Our experience spans product categories ranging from commodities to processed foods, beverages and fresh produce. We excel in assisting companies navigate and take advantage of the rapid changes in the market place created by small but well organised local competition, the advent of organised and online retail, challenges from private labels, new age manufacturing and sourcing models and a demanding consumer. Our extensive experience in working with retailers in the region gives us a deep understanding of both sides of the coin.


Our retail practice covers a gamut of experience ranging from food service, apparel, lifestyle products, personal care, grocery, consumer electronics to luxury products. In the fast developing world of multi-channel retail we enable companies to effectively respond to consumer demands while improving overall business performance through developing customer focused offers, reducing channel conflicts, maintaining overheads at manageable levels, building supply chain efficiency and ensuring all this comes together at the point of sale through best in class customer service. Our project management and implementation model ensures that we support our clients in critical aspects of project management while strategy is implemented.

What our clients are saying about us

Added great, great value… Went the extra mile to deliver. Wanted to listen and understand how they can help.

Vice PresidentGroupe Bel

We received a very good feedback regarding the extensive and detailed analysis and the detailed bottom-up business plan, especially keeping in view the relatively short time frame. Thank you for all the good and hard work you did and your extraordinary commitment!

S Oliver India Franchisee

Typical assignments executed by us

  • Growth Strategy and Profitability Improvement for a packaged food manufacturer
  • Entry strategy for an Indian firm looking to enter the wines and spirits business
  • Entry strategy in the Indian snack foods business – covering the product-mix, presence in the value chain, detailing the reach and distribution needs and developing the business plan and roll out
  • Business plan for poultry retail for one India’s large business houses covering all aspects from product to channel.
  • Go-to-market strategy and distributor appointment for a European dairy firm in India
  • Helping a market leader completely revamp their distribution network from a ‘packer-reseller’ led distribution to a national network resulting in regaining lost market share and increasing retail penetration
  • Strategic cost reduction for a packaged foods company to achieve an increase in profitability
  • Assisting an international apparel retailer to prepare a pitch targeted at potential JV partners in India, and evaluating players to identify most suitable partners
  • Evaluating the potential of street fashion and work wear for an international brand entering India, and assisting in identifying partners
  • Strategic due diligence of Lifestyle division of a rural retail chain including apparel, footwear and appliances

Featured client results

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