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Mumbai – Annually: Avalon Consulting’s annual case study competition. The Finding Sun Tzu Challenge (FSTC) is a highly anticipated business strategy competition organized annually by Avalon Consulting for leading Indian and international business schools. True to its eponymous name derived from the ancient Chinese military general, philosopher and master strategist, the competition seeks to foster strategic thinking and expose budding managers to CXO level thought process and decision making.

The competition has grown in popularity since its inception in 2006 thanks to the cutting edge topics explored each year across diverse verticals like Agri-Business, Retail, Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation and Entertainment and in horizontals such as social media and innovation. .

The competition is followed by a Panel Discussion, Dinner and Cocktails. .

FSTC – 2011

The Finding Sun Tzu Challenge for 2011 was based on the theme of “Winning through Disruptive Innovation”. .

Disruptive Innovators typically emerge with a value proposition that changes industry structure significantly and threatens established players serving consumers through traditional methods by leveraging on technology tools and unique product and service delivery. Occasionally, a market leader also plays this role. .

In 2011, we sought to identify path breaking ideas that promised to topple conventional thinking in the design and delivery of products and services. Participants could choose to play the role of an established industry player or a start up in show casing their disruptive innovation in an industry sector of their choice.

The Winners of the FSTC 2011 were Team Horizon consisting of Kannan Chandran and Ponsamuel Mervin from IIM Bangalore and the Runners Up were Team Fizzy Logic consisting of Harish Kumar and Mohan Raj from IIM Indore.

Watch the full length video of the Panel Discussion on “Winning through Disruptive Innovation”