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Avalon Consulting was proud to be the Knowledge Partner of the Electric Vehicles Conclave and Expo, a prestigious event hosted by the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Subhabrata Sengupta, Partner at Avalon Consulting, played a pivotal role, presenting a knowledge report titled “India’s EV Landscape: Charged for Success” and moderating a session on “Solving the Puzzle on Critical Materials,” where the focus was on securing essential materials for EVs.

In addition, Ayush Patodia, AVP at Avalon Consulting, moderated a session on the “Charging Ecosystem,” delving into the current landscape, challenges, and strategies for EV charging in India. Meanwhile, Bharadwaja Suryapally, Consultant at Avalon Consulting, led a session on “Deepening India’s EV Capabilities,” examining India’s position in the global EV market and the key areas for strengthening the EV value chain. The event showcased Avalon Consulting’s pivotal role in advancing India’s electric mobility future.