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Cordence Fall Executive Meeting took place in New Delhi, where a client roundtable event was held to discuss the value of collaboration with a focus on the manufacturing space.

3 of Avalon Consulting’s prestigious clients joined in:
Tony Berland – CEO, Legrand (India)
Rajen Marjwala – Managing Director, Eternis Fine Chemicals Limited
Ujjwal Munjal– Managing Director, Rockman Industries.

And they were joined by our very own Chairman – Raj Nair. The whole session was moderated by Avalon’s CEO Sridhar Venkiteswaran.

Shifting supply chains out of China – have created an opportunity for several countries and India is emerging as a key frontrunner. But there are real on-ground challenges. And it needs a change in mindset at macro and micro level to leverage this opportunity. The group had the opportunity to discuss these issues and share with the audience how they could explore India as a demand and supply base for their clients – as they chart out their trajectories for the next 3-5 years.