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Avalon Consulting is proud to have been a knowledge partner for the recently concluded ASSOCHAM’s Medical Devices Conference 2024.

As part of the conference, our Executive Director, Abhimanyu Roy, had the honor of moderating a key session titled “Road to $50 Bn Medical Devices Industry by 2030: Highlights of Key Achievements and Challenges for the Medical Devices Sector”. The session brought together industry leaders to discuss the significant strides made towards achieving the ambitious target of a $50 billion medical devices industry by 2030. It also highlighted the crucial challenges that need to be addressed to ensure sustained growth in this sector.

 ASSOCHAM’s Medical Devices Conference 2024

Also, as part of the event, a whitepaper titled “From Vision to Action : Building a Globally Competitive Medical Industry in India”, jointly prepared by Avalon Consulting and ASSOCHAM, was released. The whitepaper focused on giving a holistic perspective of the Indian Medical Devices Industry, the current manufacturing status of key product categories and the strategic directions that the Medical Devices Industry can take for specific products from an Indian context.