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Whither customer loyalty and loyalty programs

Source - Business World

Raj Nair, Chairman Avalon Consulting shares his views on how the customer loyalty programs need to change with the changing retail dynamics; as we are no more in the world where the asymmetry of information favored the seller. The digital customer is increasingly becoming aware of the product prices and offerings faster than the store sales persons themselves.

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Xi, Modi Want to Move Past Previous Issues

Source - Bloomberg

Girija Pande, Chairman, Apex Avalon Consulting was featured on Bloomberg, wherein he shared his insights on how China and India will work together closely in the near future moving past the previous issues the two countries shared.

A Smart Partner

Girija Pande, Chairman, Apex Avalon Consulting Pte. Ltd. shares his views on how Singapore can help India build “Smart Cities” in the country. The article was published in Business India magazine and talks about the need for multi-dimensional planning & organising to successfully implement smart cities project in India which was announced during the new government’s maiden budget.

Book Launch: “The Silk Road Re-discovered”

India & Singapore, July 2014

“The Silk Road Re-discovered” was launched in India by the Counsel General of China, Mumbai at an event organized by CII and sponsored by Avalon. This is the first book that analyses the growing corporate linkages between India and China. The book has been co-authored by Girija Pande (Chairman Apex Avalon Consulting Pte. Ltd.), Anil K. Gupta (Michael Dingman Chair in Strategy and Globalization at The University of Maryland) and Haiyan Wang (Managing Partner, China India Institute) (more…)

Budget 2014 Decoded

The new government's maiden budget was a much-anticipated event. India Inc. was hopeful that many of the items on their long-pending wishlists would be addressed. But there were no bold, radical announcements, something that India has come to expect.

Chinese FDI into India could touch $30 billion by 2025

Source - Times of India

Girija Pande, Chairman- Apex Avalon Consulting PTE Ltd. has predicted the Chinese FDI in India to touch $30 Billion by 2025 as per his new book “The Silk Road Discovered”. The book also emphasises on the fact that India needs to set up export-oriented manufacturing and utilise the opportunity to work with the Chinese major manufacturers, taking over component, parts and semi-finished product making contracts.

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India Woos Investors with Promises to Transform Business Environment

Source - Voice of America

Girija Pande, Chairman Apex Avalon Consulting Pte Ltd. voices his opinion on “India Woos Investors with Promises to Transform Business Environment”. He emphasizes on how India really needs good execution skills, fast movement in the bureaucracy, and simplification of the rules to create a business friendly environment.

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Automotive Engineering Show


Parag Risbud from Avalon Consulting presented his views on “Automation in Manufacturing – Improving Quality and Productivity while Sustaining Competitiveness” during the seminar hosted by AES in Pune. The seminar was attended by eminent experts who shared their views on reducing manufacturing/operational costs in the Automotive sector. (more…)

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