At Avalon, we believe in working hard and having an equal amount of fun.

In-house activities that break the daily work routine regularly dot our calendars. Birthdays and festivals are celebrated with fervor and annual all-office offsites and family get-togethers strongly bind our workplace relationships. In short, we work hard to ensure there is never a dull moment at Avalon!

Offsite 2017

Avalon Consulting, kept its annual date with fun and frolic in the form of a rollicking offsite at Goa. Avalonites from across the country and beyond descended into the “Tourist Paradise” for three fun filled days. This year’s event was extra special as we kicked off our partnership with Cordence Worldwide. The fun quotient was high; especially the performances, games and Hawaiian themed party. It was also a time to reflect on the year gone by and commit to a heady future with ambitious plans drawn and a palpable sense of excitement amongst us as we pursue those milestones with vigour. Waiting with bated breath for Avalon Offsite 2018. Viva Avalon!