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Avalon Consulting is regularly quoted in the media for our point of view on current economic and industry issues and trends.

The curious case of entrepreneur-angels

Source - Financial Chronicle

Santosh Sreedhar, Vice President Avalon Consulting, and Neeraj Gupta, co-founder & director, Excubator share their views on the evolving PE-VC landscape in India, and explain how the ‘entrepreneur-angel’ community in India is set to flourish in the coming years.

Prime Minister Modi’s Striking China Visit: Will It Help His ‘Make In India’ Program?

Source - Forbes

Girija Pande, Executive Chairman, Apex Avalon Consulting Pte. Ltd. shares his views on how politics divides these two great Asian nations and how they are united by commerce. The PM is keen to grow both trade and investment ties with China, which he sees as part of his “Act East” and “Make in India” policies. As a result of these initiatives, India could see increased Chinese investments into its manufacturing sector.

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Beyond the Horizon

Source - Asia Weekly

Girija Pande, Exec. Chairman, Apex Avalon Consulting Pte. Ltd. reminisces his various stints in China and reiterates the fact that for both India and China to grow their economic pie, they need to complement each other, and if these two countries are closely aligned in trade, they can generate out-of-proportion returns for each other.

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India PM brings “Modi Show” to New York

Source - CNBC

Girija Pande, Executive Chairman, Apex Avalon Consulting shares his views on how Indian PM would effectively engage with US corporations for strategic ties around investments in defence cooperation, cyber security and India’s other pressing issues like terrorism.

Whither customer loyalty and loyalty programs

Source - Business World

Raj Nair, Chairman Avalon Consulting shares his views on how the customer loyalty programs need to change with the changing retail dynamics; as we are no more in the world where the asymmetry of information favored the seller. The digital customer is increasingly becoming aware of the product prices and offerings faster than the store sales persons themselves.

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Xi, Modi Want to Move Past Previous Issues

Source - Bloomberg

Girija Pande, Chairman, Apex Avalon Consulting was featured on Bloomberg, wherein he shared his insights on how China and India will work together closely in the near future moving past the previous issues the two countries shared.